I've spent the last year losing nearly 100lbs (from a nearly morbidly-obese 260lbs to a very fit 165!!) ... by studying the science behind weight loss and nutrition, I've cracked the code on what works, and what doesn't work.  I've literally invested thousands of hours into studying nutrition and weight-loss science at a PhD level.. and I practice what I preach!

You can read my blog online, here.. Everything I preach is given away for free in my blog.

Our group recently completed several huge challenges (one 4-month challenge, and another 3-month challenge, and another even bigger one that's going on right now). The average participants lost over 30lbs -- and some people lost a LOT more than that!  The system is not "for sale". It's free. I'm here to share the knowledge and help motivate and teach anyone who's willing to put in the work. Free. For real. It's my way of "paying it forward".

The entire Weightix platform (which I built myself) is available for FREE to anyone and everyone who participates in this challenge. (I will never charge you for it. Ever. Even after the challenge is over.). Weightix will put a CUSTOM weight plan together that is customized to your body-type, your metabolic profile, your lifestyle, and your needs. Weightix will show you how to execute it, and will help answer the questions you have along the way.

This IS NOT one of those "MLM challenges" where you join the contest, buy a bunch of overpriced products from a "coach" who's overweight, and discover that none of it works.  (That's pro-tip #1 in weight loss: never take advice from someone unless they already look the way YOU want to look).  In fact, nothing makes my blood boil more than out of shape and overweight people selling and pushing weight-loss and fitness related products. They have ZERO credibility, and don't deserve your money, or even 5 seconds of your time or attention!!!!!

To put my money where my mouth is (per say), I just filed for non-profit status. This is truly my way of giving back because I believe everyone should benefit from what I've learned.  We do sell a protein sampler pack (which I think you'll find is a valuable tool), but it's completely optional. You don't need to buy one.

What's your system based on?

This is a no-gimmicks approach to fitness and weight-loss that almost 100% of the body-building and professional fitness world has now adopted, including pro sports teams and collegiate athletic programs. You can read about it in this blog entry.  These are people who trim fat off their bodies for a living. They use it because it works.

The system is designed to give you 1 to 2 lbs of weight loss per week. (Any system that promises you can lose weight faster than that is very, very bad for your health).   It works. It's sustainable. It's a REAL lifestyle change. And it's the real deal.

You can choose between TWO approaches:
  1. Macro Counting (MacroFit): Weightix calculates all your macros and tells you how much to eat and when. It's the best, most accurate Macro Counter in the world.
  2. Keto (CarbX): My version of Keto is better than all others on the market right now, because it's optimized to boost your metabolism throughout the diet lifecycle. (Most people who do "regular" keto end up gaining all the weight back pretty quick, because it wrecks their metabolism. That won't happen here!!)

You'll be able to weigh the pros and cons and pick the one that's right for YOU!! (Spoiler alert: They both work. Really well.)

Who can participate?

Anyone who's willing to put in the work!

What are the rules?

I'm ready to get started. What's next?

  1. Sign up for the challenge by clicking here
  2. Once you've created your acccount, go through the process of building your plan. Read the materials. Watch the videos. Learn how it works (you can, of course, return and do this later, if you want).
  3. Be sure to join our Facebook group, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/weightix/

You should probably also join my "100 Down" Facebook page, where I post all of my material.

Finally, please read as much of my blog at weightix.com/articles as you possibly can. If you're short on patience and time, the "required reading" can be found on this page. (Start from the bottom, and work your way up).

Can I join without paying?

We allowed that in the first challenge, but we found that 90% of the people who didn't pay didn't succeed. Money turned out to be a HUGE motivator for people!! If you want in on the challenge, and the free Weightix membership, you need to buy-in. It's only fair to the other participants. Note that the blog and the podcast are free, and no weightix membership is required to use them!