The Five Things I Do to Lose Weight

Here’s the simple explanation of what I’m doing to drop the pounds. (I realize posts like this one may not be quite what people are after when they ask the question). So, here it is. These are the five things I do to lose weight. (Note that none of them are optional.)

1. Counting Calories

I count calories. (Sorry, weight loss really is all about calories in/calories out. and anyone who says otherwise is selling something). I know how many calories I should be eating in order to lose weight. ( is my project where my staff of virtual coaches will build this plan specifically for you — check it out.)

2. Track Everything

I track everything I eat. If it goes in my mouth, I log it. This keeps me accountable and honest about what I really eat. (My experience has been that people who don’t log their food eat a LOT more than they think they do). You can actually read my food diary here. Look at literally everything I eat. (I hope you don’t catch me on a bad day… )

3. Track Macros

I maintain a VERY strict ratio of carbs/fat/protein. The proper amount of carbs are required to fuel my workouts. The proper amount of protein is required to fuel muscle growth, and the proper amount of fat is needed to fuel my day-to-day activities. Getting these ratios EXACTLY right sets my body chemistry in OPTIMAL fat-burning/muscle building mode! This is the secret-sauce of what I’m doing. You can read more about how and why this works, here.

4. Plan Everything

I plan everything I eat in advance. Because I’m on a tight budget of fat/protein/carbs/calories, I have to fit everything in just right (like a puzzle). If it’s not in the plan, I don’t eat it. But, I do make room in my budget for treats and the occasional cheat-meal.  I explain how this is done, here.

5. Exercise

I work out fairly intensely, with a mix of cardio and strength training.

And of course, you can read this post for a MUCH more detailed explanation of how this works, and how you can get started.

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