• No magic pills. No products to buy.
  • Choose between Keto and Macro Counting.
  • No "one size fits all". Highly optimized for YOU.
  • Virtual and human coaches guide you every step of the way!
  • Fully Sustainable as a lifestyle.

I lost 100lbs and I'll teach you how it's done!

My name is Brian. I'm a computer programmer and tech-geek who had to learn the hard way how to lose weight and get in shape. I studied every aspect of fitness, nutrition, and weight loss at the PhD level and eventually concluded that the formula used by body-builders and athletes, known as macro-dieting, is the single most effective, most efficient method for shedding fat scientifically and chemically possible.

After being in incredible demand to coach others in their weight-loss journey, I created Weightix.

The most powerful weight loss tool ever created!

I'm a computer programmer geek with a passion for science and algorythms, but a gift for explaining complex things in simple terms. You and I are going to get along great. =)

Reports & Insights

We watch everything you do in MyFitnessPal and provide unique insights into your activities.

Virtual and Human Coaches

Our alogrythms are watching everything you do so that our virtual coaching staff can provide you with unique insights into your weight-loss journey that a human might not pick up. However, you will also have a human coach to help you through your journey for those times when you need a more personal touch!

Linked with MyFitnessPal

You track your meals and workouts in MyFitnessPal, and let our algorythms and virtual-coaching staff provide the guidance and suggestions that will help YOU! In a rut? Not for long. We've got your back!

Metabolic Profile

We'll give you a complete look at the state of your metabolism, including how many calories your body needs in order to function day-to-day, and how many it needs in order to lose weight at the rate you're looking for. This is a real-deal look into your current situation!

Complete Nutrition Plan

Our algorythms are going to determine the optimal nutrition and macro-nutrient plan for you, your body, and your goals. The plan it creates is unique and specific to YOU!

Note that we will also teach you how to plan your own meals that include the foods YOU love!

Guidance & Help

Nobody knows better than me how hard it can be to lose weight. I've broken it down into simple, plain-english, step-by-step guides (lots of them) to help you through EVERY aspect of your journey!

Our participants speak up!

We've got a 100% success rate! So far, every single one of the 2,500+ people who've tried the Weightix program and put in the work has lost weight. A lot of weight.


Lost 131 pounds and counting, in 12 months.. ... In January of 2016 I ended up in the hospital, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes weighing over 370lbs. I was put on 4 different medications including insulin. When I joined Weightix I never would of imagined the way it would change my life! When I started I was afraid, depressed, feeling hopeless. everything I tried I failed at. Success for me seamed an impossible dream. Weightix gave me a plan, a path to follow along with education on how to accomplish my goal, and an amazing support group!  I am in awe that in less than a year I am off all medications, no longer have type 2 diabetes, and now weigh 239lbs... I can't even begin to wrap my brain around my success! It seams surreal! If you told me in January where I'd be today, I would of laughed at the impossibility, but Thanx to Weightix it happened! My life will be forever changed! Weightix took an impossible dream for me and turned it into a reality!


Lost 15 pounds and counting, over 8 weeks.. ... I am 44 years old with 4 children. I have carried an extra 50 pounds since my youngest was born 6 years ago. I have tried many different diets and pills to help me loose the weight. I had given up until I was introduced to the IIFYM way of eating in January. This is the only thing I have done that has given me results. It truly is a lifestyle. Weightix keeps me on track, helps me stay motivated, and teaches me how to do this for myself. My whole family is benefitting from what I am learning and teaching them. The numbers work and it makes sense.


Lost 53 pounds and counting over 8 weeks.. To truly loose weight you need tools to keep you on track. With 100% commitment and choosing Weightix as my tool, this time around I'm determined to change my life!


Lost 15 pounds and counting, over 8 weeks.. I went on my first serious "diet" at 14 years old. I have been 100 lbs overweight and have starved to lose, and basically just white-knuckled my way through weight loss. Finally I was introduced to Weightix. I now understand my food make-up better and for the first time ever, I feel like this is something I can do forever. I am losing weight consistently and feel in control of my life!

Given that Weightix has only been around for 12 months -- We think you'll agree... we're on to something, here!

Design Your Own plan!

Weightix works because it's customized to YOU, YOUR body type, YOUR workout routine, the foods YOU like to eat, YOUR activity level, and YOUR specific metabolism!

Option 1:

Optimized Keto

We call it CarbX-Keto Ketogenic diets have helped millions of people lose weight -- but most keto sites are "one size fits all". We'll design a keto-based plan based specifically on you, your preferences, and the nutrient ratios that are optimized for success for YOU.

Option 2:

Macro Counting

We call it MacroFit Macro Counting gives you a truly balanced way of eating that be customized to fit any lifestyle or health conditions. Fully optimized for YOUR body type, we'll tell you what, when, and how much to eat, right down to the macro-nutrient level. We'll teach you step by step how it's done, and you'll be blown away by how easily your body sheds fat when your eating is on-point!

Why is this different?

Heres why the approach I take to weight loss, fitness, health, and strength is different from literally every other diet on the planet. And, furthermore, why I already know this pproach will work for you

1) Its not about losing weight. Its about losing FAT.

Most "diets" put your body in a state where it burns muscle and literally slows your metabolism down. My approach will preserve your muscle and increase your metabolism over the long-run!

2) Its not a diet. Its a nutrition program.

Diets dont work and ultimately do more damage than good. (Theyll completely destroy your metabolism). Theyll also make you softer and weaker. Yes, youll weigh less. Yes, you might fit into a smaller size, but you will still look flabby and weak.

3) This is a permanent change.

If you want to be fit and healthy, you need to start by behaving the way fit and healthy people behave. There are NO SHORTCUTS! I will teach you how you can do it in a way that's sustainable for the long-term, rathern than simply grinning and bearing it.

4) This is based on science, and personal experience. Not one or the other.

I would never advise anyone to do anything that cant be explained by science. Not just scientific theory  but real, actual, documented, well-funded scientific studies with large sample sizes. Furthermore, dont discount the results others have had with their own experience. If theyve had success, try to find the scientific principle behind the success.

5) This approach is ridiculously simple. But that doesnt mean its easy.

The science and the chemistry behind burning fat (while keeping your muscle in-tact) is not complicated. However, executing the plan in a world of distractions, temptations, and and in an environment where everyone's got an opinion about how it should be done is NOT easy. You'll have a complete coaching stuff behind you to help you through it, keep you motivated, and give you tips.

6) This is about REAL FOOD, and REAL training. Not magic pills.

Wouldnt it be nice if the only thing you needed to do in order to burn fat was pop a pill, or take a supplement, or drink a shake? There are plenty of people selling such products that want you to believe that, but its all garbage. If someone is trying to sell you a product with the promise that it will help you lose weight, RUN!

8) This is custom-tailored to YOU, but we teach you how it's done.

Your starting point, your needs, your body, and your preferences are different from every other person on the planet. This is not a pre-cut, pre-fab diet where they tell you EXACTLY what to eat every day, at what time, and EXACTLY when to go to the gym, and EXACTLY when to breath in and out.

You are an adult, and the only way youre going to be successful in the long term is to learn to plan your own meals, learn to build workouts into your own schedule, and learn how to manage your fitness and your health ON YOUR OWN -- and our coaching staff is going to teach you everything you need to know!

Meet your coaching staff!

Some are virtual, some are real -- but they're also watching your activity, your food, and your habits to help keep you accountable and on track every step of the way!

"I know they're virtual, but I love them!! They are always giving great advice, and I love knowing someone's watching"


Rachel Shelby - Your Virtual Trainer

Rachel will watch everything you eat, as well as your workouts, and give you regular updates and advice to help you fine-tune your eating plan and maximize weight-loss! Sure.. Rachel is an algorythm, but she'll pick up on things no human ever could!


Max Miles - Your Virtual Motivational Coach

Max will keep you motivated by sending you inspirational tips, quotes, and ideas! He's a great asset to have on those tough days.

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